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Diseases discussed here have a history of use as an agent for biological warfare, either in the U.S. or abroad. Its use may have been experimental or actual, and any detrimental consequences upon humans, animals or the environment may have been intentional or not, depending on the circumstances, the point in time, and the nature of the disease.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Was AIDS Virus Created in Military Lab for Use as Bioweapon on US Citizens?

Persons with AIDS vs. Uncle Sam Class Action Lawsuit

by Eric Taylor

The Philadelphia-based group, Brotherly Lovers, which is presently in the process of petitioning the U.S. Federal Court to hear the case

for Congressionally-approved AIDS biowarfare by the Pentagon, has moved its headquarters to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since March

of this year, Brotherly Lovers has received 48 signed petitions from 9 states, including 5 physicians and 2 attorneys. Among the

evidence: One week after the New York City Stonewall Riot, which spearheaded the Gay Rights Movement, Pentagon spokesman, Dr.

Ronald MacArthur, testified before Congress July 1, 1969: The dramatic progress being made in the field of molecular biology led us to

investigate the relevance of this field of science to biological warfare. A small group of experts considered this matter and provided the

following observation:

1. All biological agents up to the present time are representative of naturally occurring disease, and are thus known by scientists

throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research, either for offensive or defensive purposes.

2. Within the next five to ten years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain

important aspects from any known disease-causing organism. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological

and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.

3. A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately five years at a total cost of $10 million.

-Department of Defense appropriations for 1970, House of Representatives Subcommittee, p. 129, courtesy of the Freedom of

Information Act.)

Further compelling evidence appears in the 1972 Bulletin of the United National World Health Organization in an article entitled

"Virus-Associated Immunopathology: Animal models and Implications for Human Disease." It states: "An attempt should be made to

ascertain whether viruses can, in fact, exert selective effects on immune function, e.g. by . . . affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell

function. The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus

damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens."

Both proposals are exact definitions of AIDS. The development of such an immunosuppressive virus is described in Progressive Medical

Virology, "Immunodepression by Oncogenic Viruses," 14: 1-35, 1972; Nature, "Common Genetic Alternations of RNA Tumor Viruses

Grown in Human Cells," 230:445-447, 1972; Texas Medicine, "Cross-species Transmission of Mammalian RNA Tumor Viruses,"

69:65-75, 1973; and The Journal of Experimental Medicine, "Immunosuppressive Activity of a Subline of Mouse El-4 Lymphoma,"

143:187-205, 1976.

Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D., Ph.D., and Ted Strecker, Esq., have compiled a list of 50 other articles from respected scientific journals that

led them to conclude that AIDS was predicted, requested, produced and released by the U.S. Government via smallpox vaccinations in

Africa and hepatitis B vaccinations in America under the supervision of Dr. Wolf Szmuness. The list, "AIDS Reference," can be

obtained by writing to The Strecker Group, 1216 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90017. Their video, The Strecker Memorandum

condenses this information into a 90-minute tour de force. I have this tape.

Dr. Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D., has compiled two well-documented books on the subject: AIDS and the Doctors of Death, 1986 (ISBN

0-917211-25-1) and Queer Blood, 1993 (IBSN 0-917211-26-X). Dr. Cantwell initially dismissed AIDS biowarfare as absurd until he

became one of the few to actually investigate the evidence. His book was banned by World Health Organization officials at the 1989

AIDS conference in Canada. (Were they uncertain that the "experts" were capable of coming to their own conclusions?) AIDS specialist

and author Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., endorses Cantwell's research. William Cooper resigned from the CIA after 30 years service

upon gaining access to documents verifying that AIDS was created as population control, after previous birth control efforts failed.

Cooper tours the country giving lectures in order to protect himself with a high profile and has written a book entitled Behold a Pale

Horse, available from The William Cooper Foundation, Suite 301, 19744 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

Newspaper articles on AIDS biowarfare have appeared in the New Delhi Patriot (7/4/84), the Soviet Literaturnya Gazeta (10/30/85), the

London Sunday Express (10/26/86), and The New York Native (4/13/87). An anonymous source claiming to have worked for the Fort

Detrick Biological Warfare Lab in Bethesda, Maryland, told the Native that the AIDS biowar program was called "Operation Firm

Hand." Dan Rather reported the mounting AIDS biowarfare accusations on the CBS Evening News, 3/30/87, incurring the wrath of the

Rea­p;gan administration, which simplistically labeled it "Soviet propaganda." Ironically, Dr. Cantwell's research is often dismissed

as "Right Wing fanaticism."

Upon examining evidence compiled by award-winning journalist Peter MacKenzie in a five-part series published in the Clear Lake (CA)

Independent, 6/22/93-7/20/93, Washington State Supreme Court Justice William Goodloe (retired) wrote: "I have heard and seen reports

of the possible artificial origin of the AIDS virus, but until this report, have not seen such compelling evidence of its truth. Mr.

MacKenzie has assembled a remarkable documentation of heretofore unpublished data, and an immediate governmental investigation at

the highest level should be commenced." Judge Goodloe can be faxed at (206) 451-3959.

Regrettably, without even examining the extensive documentation, this issue is unthinkable to most people. Yet, the U.S. Army has a

notorious history of germ warfare. The first known case of germ warfare occurred a century ago when the U.S. Army gave freezing Plains

Indians smallpox-infected blankets, intentionally decimating countless Native Americans. Furthermore, the recent deadly "Navajo Flu"

turns out to be the Hanta virus, which Science Magazine, 6/11/93, reported had long been under study by the Pentagon for biological

warfare purposes.

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Posts:41,738The book A Higher Form of Killing, by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman, 1982, documents hundreds of incidents in which the U.S.

Army experimented upon soldiers and civilians with chemicals and viruses-sometimes upon entire cities like San Francisco. The May 6,

1994, edition of the CBS Evening News reported that the AIDS-like "Gulf War Syndrome," incapacitating thousands of Gulf War vets

and their families, was determined not to be the result of Iraqi biowarfare, as claimed by the Pentagon, but, rather, the result of

experimental vaccinations given to the troops before the war. (HIV-1 is likewise linked to experimental hepatitis B vaccinations first

given to 1,083 healthy Gay men from New York City in November 1978. The first case of HIV-1 infection appeared in New York City in

January 1979, and since then most of the recipients have died of AIDS.)

Recent headlines report that Congressional hearings are currently underway to recompense thousands of minority victims of radiation

experiments conducted by the U.S. military during the 1950s and '60s. Yet another gruesome example is the Tuskagee Syphilis

Experiment, wherein 400 Black sharecroppers were denied treatment for syphilis from 1932 to 1972 so that the U.S. government could

study the long-term effects of the disease. Having been withheld the penicillin cure, they died agonizing deaths, and their syphilis-infected

widows were recompensed by the government (James Jones, Bad Blood, 1981, Free Press, NY).

With all of these acknowledged precedents, why is the thought of AIDS biowarfare so unthinkable to most people? Perhaps it is because

people don't do much thinking anymore, relying on headlines, soundbites and docudramas as their only source of information. That TV

Guide, Parade Magazine, People, and The National Enquirer are the best-selling publications in America speaks for itself. Dr. Joseph

Sonnabend, M.D.-one of the first and foremost AIDS experts-complains that "part of the problem today is that science writers are a

pretty limp lot. They don't do any investigating. They just sit there and receive their press kits . . . They are so gullible, these science

writers now-lazy and gullible" (interview 12/92).

What is worse than gullibility and laziness is silence. Even the Gay community, for the most part, ignores this issue. Few Gay papers

have the guts to cover it. Apparently red ribbons, quilts, parades, and benefits reassure us that something is being done. Now that AZT

proves to be as deadly as HIV, after being prescribed even to asymptomatic patients for a decade, one would think we would begin to

suspect that something stinks. AZT was banned in 1957 by the FDA because it was killing the people it was supposed to be helping

(Health Consciousness Magazine 8/91). AIDS patients appear to be guinea pigs for hundreds of toxic drugs, while safe treatments that

are clinically proven to eliminate AIDS symptoms, such as acemannan, are completely ignored (Medical World News 12/87 and The

Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Vol 3, No. 4, Winter 1990).

Denial is a powerful psychological mechanism that must be overcome if we are ever to get to the bottom of AIDS. The truth is slowly

surfacing. For instance, 60 Minutes (6/19/94) presented a very strong case that Kimberly Bergalis and five other plaintiffs who won a $10

million settlement for supposedly contracting AIDS from their dentist, Dr. David Acer, all lied about their sex lives. Kimberly, a

self-proclaimed "virgin," had been diagnosed with the STD genital warts, and had previously admitted on videotape to engaging in sex

with two men. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) overlooked conflicted testimony by all six plaintiffs and used highly

questionable DNA tests to generate public hysteria and homophobia in the sensationalized case. Dr. Acer was accused of first degree

murder by the media. (The CDC also played a major role in the Tuskagee Syphilis Experiment and the hepatitis B vaccine trial.)

Because the U.S. government enjoys immunity from being sued by individuals, it is essential that hundreds of signed petitions from

HIV-positive people, their families and friends in all 50 states be received by Brotherly Lovers in order to initiate this class action suit.

Concerned parties should write a brief letter stating, to quote Washington State Supreme Court Justice William Goodloe, "I have heard

and seen reports of the possible artificial origin of the AIDS virus . . . and an immediate governmental investigation at the highest level

should be commenced."

Send to Eric Taylor, 2028 Murdstone Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15241.

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